About Us

There was a time when people used to do the work like clearing a construction site with all the broken rocks, sand and other material through mediocre machinery like hand pullers and pushing it several blocks towards the dumping site. Well, now science has improved and fortified the people with heavy lifting machinery like cranes, bulldozers and excavators to complete that work faster and with minimal efforts.

Established in 1977, Veloce Excavations and Demolition is a company that has been around Melbourne for a long time. To be a name that has been in the construction industry for such a long period, we take pride in offering our range of services to suit your entire commercial and residential, excavation, demolition and earthmoving needs.

It is not easy to maintain that status in a market that is changing every other day with new entrants. But our years of experience and a client list of well-known builders and land owners will make all your doubts vanish. Our inventory includes top notch machines and handy equipment that we rely on to bring you the service you deserve. All machinery and equipment are regularly serviced specially when allocated to projects to avoid the delay and complete the assigned task on time.

The time when there was no scientific technology to help man with the heavy work is gone, as our workers are equipped with highly efficient machineries and other equipment that enables them to perform work faster and easier, in a matter of hours rather than days. It is not just machines that do all the work, but also they require skilled people for operating them. That is why we only seek dedicated individuals that love to work and show full honesty and build trust in their employer to deliver what is expected.

Here at Veloce Excavations and Demolition, we have a qualified team of experts that are at your service with undivided attention. From our administration and management to the team of skilled workers present on the field, everyone is committed to bring you the best because this is how our high profile clients have branded us. Each member is hired with proper certification from their side and training from our side to make sure that their skills are properly utilized.

Apart from our practical working team, we also have several supervisors that monitor every project in detail to ensure compliance with the client’s orders, which is mandatory. A hassle free service is what every client wants because contractors are hired to take the burden off their shoulders and anything less than high quality material and stress-free work is unacceptable. 

As a legal entity, we comply with all legal rules and regulations like the Model WHS regulation. We make sure of a healthy environment and all safety equipment like goggles, helmets, highly visible vests, pads and construction boots are provided at our field and construction areas. Safety of employees and clients is not just our top most priority but a social, ethical as well as legal responsibility.

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