Plant & Equipment

In relation to the help with heavy work we offer to our clients, we are well equipped to their changing needs. The contracts might be huge or small involving heavy or light work but we have the plant and equipment to deal with all kinds of excavation and demolition works.

Our esteemed members of workforce are well-trained beforehand to prepare them for the field work. We offer proper guidance and outline procedures for our workforce at the site to work in a well organised manner. We offer superior quality excavation, demolition and earthmoving services that are second to none.

To make the work a lot easier and faster, we use a range of heavy machinery including:

  • Excavators
  • Dozers
  • Service Trucks
  • Dump trucks etc.



Alternative to hand shovels, excavators are a helpful piece of heavy machinery used for earth moving, picking up piles of construction material and other heavy objects. Other uses include:

Also known as the power shovel, it is normally used at demolition sites to clear up the ground. All the movement of the lifter is by hydraulic fluids and hence provides strength for heavy construction works.


It is commonly known as a bulldozer. It is a continuous tracked crawler with a metal plated shovel at one end to drag or move large quantities of rubble, sand and soil within or from the construction site during work. At the other end, the dozer is equipped with a ripper which is sort of a pile driver to loosen piled or dense construction materials.

These are common at many engineering and industrial sites. The wide joined tracks of the bulldozer help it move through damp and swampy sites that is why it is particularly useful in rainy season or places with wet grounds.

Service Trucks

Service trucks are useful at construction sites as they have many uses. Apart from acting as a mobile storage compartment, it often has a crane, cable reel or digger which can be used for a lot of work at the field. It also holds a number of road signs like construction barriers, illuminated road pines etc.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used as a mode of transport for movement of raw construction material like loose sand, gravel or dirt. Often called ‘‘Tip trucks’’, these are usually used for gathering, transporting and dumping construction materials from one site to another. With a wide, top-open box for material storage and is equipped with hydraulic pistons, that lift the front side of the container tilting it towards the rear end to drop or dump the material on ground.

Our range of heavy duty construction machinery is productive and gives the output that is required, in no time. Whether it is clearing up a site, moving material around or demolition, we as contractors find it our responsibility to deliver these services flawlessly, through our efficient and organised operations.

At Veloce Excavations, we offer our services all across Melbourne at an affordable price.